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School groups: a fun and exciting outing

The whole team of the vieux mas is waiting for you to spend an unforgettable day of sharing and discovering.

In order to make you feel welcome and safe, we have put in place measures to limit class mixing and ensure that you have a perfect day.

Shaded picnic areas are available for lunch, with shelter in case of bad weather, toilets and access to a water point.

Practical information

Discover life in 1900 with reconstructed old trades, the classroom, the farmer's habitat, the 1950s theme with agricultural equipment, live animals that you get close to and can even pet them.

During your visit, you will be able to watch the work of craftsmen such as the blacksmith, who shapes metal, the smelter who transforms pewter into figurines before your very eyes, or the farmer who shows you how the threshing machine works, take part in the making of rope, or listen to the story of the talking tree and thrill to the new 2022 show " the legend of the lake "as well as the door of legends and the dragon knight.

A fun and interactive visit where children discover the life of our grandparents in 1900, the farm animals and share the know-how of the craftsmen.

The programme of events and their times will be given to you on the day of your visit.

Good to know: All picnic areas are in the shade as is much of the tour. In case of bad weather you can take shelter in the 3000m² building.

*Anti-mosquito products are required depending on the period

Each visitor must comply with the site's internal regulations, which are displayed at the entrance to the park and inside the park and are available here.

Le Vieux-Mas, 1352 Chemin de Végère, 30300 BEAUCAIRE

Le Vieux-Mas, 1352 Chemin de Végère, 30300 BEAUCAIRE

Condition SCHOOL GROUPS 2022

Prices for leisure centres, crèches, RAM, nursery assistants, social centres, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

The workshops offered

The forge workshop

Ironworking with the transformation of metal into horseshoes or other objects.

15 min

The foundry workshop

Transformation of pewter into figurines.

15 min

The rope workshop

Making a natural fibre rope with the children.

15 min

The minting of money

The different stages in the manufacture of a part.

15 min

Starting up the threshing machine

Threshing real sheaves of wheat with the 1900 threshing machine.

15 min

The carrier pigeon show

Usefulness of carrier pigeons in the early 20th century.

20 min

New in 2022

The legend of the lake

In this forgotten and abandoned marsh, a legendary "Beast" is said to be hiding.

Only Ancelin, the village carpenter, was able to confront him and discover the secret hidden in his lair!

A show where the enchantment of the waters and the fantastic are mixed together.

Presented from April to September during the YELLOW and GREEN and during the All Saints' holidays.

25 min

General public


The Door of Legends and the Dragon Knight

On his land, Perceval works hard and when his lord turns into a dragon because of his vanity, he fights him with courage and loyalty to give him back his nobility.

Sword fights, special effects and horseback riding will punctuate this show.

Presented from April to September during the YELLOW and GREEN and during the All Saints' holidays.

25 min

General public


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. –

You can complete your day in Beaucaire with a visit to the Roman cellar of Mas des Tourelles, or the Abbey of Saint-Roman.