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The animations

During your visit you will also be able to take part in activities with the animators in period costume and learn more about the gestures and rural traditions between 1900 and 1950

Events are presented at weekends, during the holidays and on public holidays from 10.30am to 12pm and from 1.15pm to 5pm.

Green period from 10.30 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Please note that schedules, events and shows may be modified according to the weather and the number of visitors.

Starting up the threshing machine

The threshing was one of the first agricultural operations to be mechanised in the campaigns In the 19th century, when the threshing machine replaced the flails for threshing wheat, it was the beginning of modernism in the countryside.

Most of them were powered by a steam engine or horse-drawn carriage.

You will be able to watch the threshing of real sheaves of wheat and thus gain a better understanding of how it worked at the time.

15 min


Starting the Vierzon tractor with a blowtorch

The tractor has developed in France with the motorization of ls agriculture after the First World War, 

Cranking a tractor engine is not easy. Yet it is a mechanism that has changed the lives of farmers.

Here no key or crank but a hot ball tractor that starts with fire! 

and maybe you will have the chance to ride in a cart like before !

20 min


But also to assist in the work of the farm by participating in the feeding of the animals and to learn a little more about the life of all our boarders.

 presented on Wednesdays, weekends and school holidays

milking the cows!

Become a real farmer and try your hand at milking with our 2 milking cows ANNABELLE (the black Holstein), and MARGUERITE (the brown Montbéliarde).

Of course you don't run any risk, but they are as beautiful as the real ones you can see in the stable!

5 min


Feeding the animals

In the 18th century, animals, large and small, were indispensable on farms. Cows and goats for their milk, chickens for their eggs and meat, but also horses and oxen were used to work the land or to pull the cart to go to town before the appearance of tractors and other motor vehicles!

The sheep gave its wool to keep warm in winter.....

Today you have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the farmers and get to know them better.

You will be able to participate in the feeding of the goats and chickens that will eat out of your hand, and you can even cuddle them...

20 min


The little carousel

Who doesn't have childhood memories of funfairs with all the games of skill, the colourful sweets and the rides where children loved to spin around.

In the old farmhouse, our mini carousel will make your children twirl to the sound of old-time music.


Ride on a small train

On Wednesdays, holidays and public holidays, take a tour of the park in a small train.

He will lead you through the vineyards and meet the four-horned sheep, donkeys, and you will learn a little more about the history of his creation...

10 min


Crossbow shooting

Become a real crossbowman with crossbow shooting

Will you hit the target?

For young and old

10 min