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Enjoy a unique experience and travel back in time
In this authentic place, unique in the region and full of history, take a trip back to the time of our grandparents in 1900.
On 3 hectares and 3000m² of 18th century buildings, discover the forgotten smells, the LIVING animals of the farm, the country school, the farmer's house, the old trades, share the ancestral know-how with passionate craftsmen, and vibrate with emotion with the live shows.
From emotion to discovery, this historical and family heritage will dazzle young and old

27 May 1992 opening of the old farmhouse

Jacques and Michel Guyot, two heritage enthusiasts, bought the then abandoned Végère farmhouse in order to revive its past through visits, animals, and to rediscover the gestures and traditions of our forefathers.

They hire Florence and Xavier, who are just 20 years old, and leave them in charge... the challenge begins.


Xavier is trained by a master blacksmith and learns the gestures of blacksmithing and farriery: 1st animation, the forge

Very creative, he will create a lot of other animations that will bring back to life the ancestral gestures of our grandparents, milking cows, ploughing the fields with draft horses, ....


The Mas de Vegere changes its name to "The Old Mas". 

Creation of the first theme day which will be followed each year by a new one in order to punctuate the visit with highlights: egg hunt, pig day, old-fashioned bull run, old-fashioned harvest....


A turning point is reached.

Self-taught, Xavier created his 1er A "historical" show with 20 volunteer extras will be presented on Sundays in April.

Followed by a second show "The Curse of the Black Knight" with fewer extras to perform every day.

Other shows have been added since then, with the castle ruins, Grabador the sorcerer, Arthur and the magic sword, the time machine... all of which mark an interlude in the visit and take the visitor further back in time.


Xavier and Florence have officially become the owners of the Vieux Mas to continue to share with the public the life on the farm and the know-how of our forefathers while restoring little by little the 3000m² roof and developing other activities and themes.

Today, of course, they continue to transmit and share this passion with their children Florian and Marion who have joined them in the adventure.

At the old farmhouse, the clock has stopped.

You will find your memories and the scents of your childhood there.

Thus, by visiting the site, you contribute to the rehabilitation and preservation of the rural heritage.

The old farmhouse is a completely private initiative guided by passion and sharing.

We will be delighted to welcome you and hope that you will be, as we are, sensitive to the charm of this place and that you will spend a pleasant time with us.

Xavier Garcia


Florence Garcia